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This page is intended to make ordering MOTORS, LAMPS & LENSES easy while providing our lowest direct-order pricing.         


We now have the G9 instrument cluster lenses for many 2007-2013 GM trucks and cross-over vehicles—see below.



Please email if you have any problems placing your order.  We welcome any comments you would like to share regarding how we might better serve your needs.


All of our motors are Switec/Juken OEM approved replacements.


*The pricing below applies free shipping for motors, lamps and lenses to USA & Puerto Rico destinations. 


Please email requesting a shipping-charge $$ quotation for FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS.

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SMD50A LAMPS  (free shipping*)

These lamps provide the correct height and brightness while eliminating lamp-lead wire trimming, forming and tinning required with raw bulbs.

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Text Box: X27.589 MOTORS  (free shipping)
Pkgs. of 50 and 100 motors typically ship via USPS priority mail.

X27.168 MOTORS  (free shipping*)

Pkgs. of 50 and 100 motors typically ship via USPS priority mail and include 20 free sample lamps. 

Additional lamps are available below.

Replacement SMD50A lamps are common to many GM instrument clusters using the X27.168 motors from 2000 to 2006.  These are the correct parts necessary for a professional repair! 

In 2007, GM requested a change of the lamp base color from Blue to Yellow as a visual identification of updated lamps.  It is suggested that any old / original Blue-base lamp be replaced for increased repair reliability.

Genuine Juken / Switec X27.589 motors are the latest OEM approved revision replacing previous C5.589, XC5.589 & X25.589 versions.  With greater torque and less noise. 


These are common to 2005-2007 Ford Mustangs and other commercial agricultural instrumentation.


Genuine Juken/Switec X27.168 motors are the latest GM-OEM approved stepper motors replacing C5.168, XC5.168 & X25.168 versions.  These motors are common repairs to many GM instrument clusters in models from 2000-2006.  The X27 version has greater torque and less operational noise than the previous revisions.

“G9C” Chrome-Ring, and “G9B” All-Black instrument cluster lenses fit many 2007-2013 GM vehicles (such as Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Tahoe, Suburban, Escalade, Denali, etc.)

Free shipping applies to lenses for orders with a USA or Puerto Rico address

Please request a shipping quote for destinations outside of the USA.  Email


SINGLE lens purchases.









CARTON purchase 12 qty lenses.


Many Cluster repair clients have requested just the RAW BULBS as a less expensive solution to replacing lamps.  The RAW BULBS below are the same bulbs as used in the SMD50A Lamp assembly.

RAW BULBS (free shipping*)

Bag of 1000 qty.  They are the same correct voltage and brightness as used in SMD50A assemblies.  Lead-wires are fully tinned ready for trim, form and solder.

Please visit for a list of 2007-2013 vehicles that use these lenses.

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G9 Lens vehicle application listing

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